How to commission a sculpture

If you are interested in chatting to Chloe about a commission please take time to read the section on Commissioning a Sculpture and thourouly read the T&Cs detailed below

To Commission a Sculpture – a few basic facts

Chloe can have a full diary so please allow plenty of time for commissions. Normal procedure with commissions is for Chloe to provide an approximate quote, and to take a 50% non-returnable deposit before commencement of the sculpture. The final amount is payable before delivery. Delivery or installation is not normally included in the quote, unless specifically stated.

When commissioning a sculpture it is important to note that even a very simple piece will take at least 3 month to design and produce, (dependent on the foundry's scheduled) a more complex sculpture can take up to several months, and has to be costed accordingly.

All commissions are treated with the same care and attention to detail. Chloe is experienced at guiding you through the commission process and in producing work to deadlines.

All quotes for commissions are based on “one off” sculptures. Chloe retains all the intellectual property rights to her work and images of her work, including commissions unless otherwise agreed with the client.

Commissioning a Bronze Sculpture

If you are interested in commissioning a “one-off” bronze, please remember that the prices of bronzes on my website cannot be used as a guide. We normally produce our bronzes as limited editions, which means the cost of producing the original model (all bronzes are cast from some kind of original model – see “About“) is spread across the whole edition.

As you can see from the “About Sculptures” section, it is a complex process and so original “one off” bronzes, will start at several thousand pounds.

If you have any further questions or would like to chat with me about a commission, please take the time to thoroughly read the T&Cs below and use the Commission Request Form at the bottom of the page.

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to commission me, you automatically accept my Terms of Agreement. Please read these terms carefully and thoroughly!

General Information

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission request.

  • I reserve the right to adjust any information on my site, as well as the price of any commission accordingly. However, I will never change the price of a commission that has already been previously agreed upon.

  • I will not be responsible for any mistakes on the final version of any commission due to incorrect or missing information. It is the commissioner's responsibility to provide all relevant information when requesting a commission.

  • I reserve the right to reject critiques pertaining to artistic skill and stylisation, if the critique reduces the artistic quality of the piece.

  • All communication between myself and the commissioner will be conducted and documented via email.

  • All personal information will be kept private and confidential.

Sculpture Rights and Usage

  • I reserve full rights to the sculpture and its distribution and use, unless otherwise specified.

  • I reserve the right to display any commissioned sculpture(s) on any of my websites or my portfolio.

  • The commissioner must not claim my work as their own.

  • Under no circumstances may the commissioner use commissioned sculpture(s) for commercial or profit purposes, including replicas and redistribution of the commissioned sculptures(s).

  • The commissioner may only use artwork that was created specifically for them, and are for the commissioner's personal use only.

  • The commissioner is allowed to upload commissions I have created for them to an online gallery provided that the following link is always displayed with the commissioned work:


  • All commissions are paid directly to Chloe Victoria Sculptures, in GBP (Great British Pound). Invoices will be sent to the commissioner once the price and details of the commission(s) has been determined, the invoice will clearly state the payment due date and payment terms.

  • 50% payment is due prior to the wax sculpture being started. The remaining 50% payment is due upon completion of the commission(s).

  • The commissioner has two week to make their payment after the invoice is sent, unless a payment plan has been previously discussed. Commissioners who want to set up a payment plan for large commissions may request to do so when filling out the Commission Request Form.

  • I will not begin a commission until payment has been received. and collection/delivery of the commission will be arranged after final payment has been made.

  • I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission at any time, with prior notification to the commissioner, due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behaviour, or any kind of abuse.

  • Refunds may be requested at any time, but the following points must be adhered to:

  • Commissions are non-refundable during or after the initial wax sculpture is made.

  • If the commissioner wishes to cancel a commission, the refunded amount will be determined by Chloe Victoria based on how much work has been completed. The sculpture will remain the property of Chloe Victoria Sculptures should a refund be requested.

  • Commissions will be completed in the order that I receive payment.

Commission Procedures

  • I will not accept commissions without image references. Giving me a written description without an image reference makes it more difficult for me to complete the commission. As a result, the commissioner may not be fully satisfied with the commission. In addition, please be thorough in describing what you want for your commission(s) when filling out the Request Form - the more information you provide, the less questions I have to ask, the faster the process!

  • For all commissions, I will send the commissioner a draft photo of the commission part way though to ensure the initial shape of the commission is correct, and again upon completion of the wax (prior to casting) for approval before continuing the commission in bronze. These are the only times the commissioner is permitted to request changes.

  • The commissioner may not request to make changes to the commission once they have approved the draft photo, otherwise it will count as a re-sculpt.

  • A re-sculpt of any type of commission will count as a separate commission, and will be charged as such.

  • Collection or delivery of the commission will be discussed with myself upon final payment.

  • Commission turnaround is generally 4-6 months per commission depending on the size of sculpture and workload at that given time.

Violation of any of my Terms of Agreement will result in a ban from commissioning me again in the future.


Commission Request Form

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