Uphill Resin


Uphill Resin - Edition Number 3/100

Beautifully strong textured bronze finished in a weathered verdigris patina mounted on an Oak Plinth. This small stunning sculpture stands at 8.5 inch’s high and is the idea size for many locations around the home.

'“Uphill Resin” is currently on its 3rd edition of 100 cast in Resin, This sculpture is also available in traditional Bronze as an edition of 10. Available in a variety of colours and plinths, contact Chloe to discuss your requirements.

One of my earliest pieces of work, I wanted to produce a simple sculpture showing a horse in motion. The name “Uphill” has come from my riding days when I would have a lesson and my instructor who would insist the horse needs to be ‘Travelling Up Hill”. In non riding terms this is simply to “Create balance, presence and self-carriage by making your horse uphill - travelling forward with impulsion and its shoulders ‘uphill’ above his hips”.

Measurements: H:8.5inch L:9.5inch D:6inch

Bronze : £ 1,150 VAT Included

Resin : £ 390 VAT Included